My-shield® Surface Cleaner

My-shield ® Surface Cleaner a Nano silicone formulation that eliminates bacteria on any surface including fabrics and is now certified safe for use in commercial & passenger aircraft. Safe & easy to use, My-shield® Surface Cleaner kills mostcommon germs on contact and offers extended protection up to 28 days per single application. My-shield® Surface Cleaner forms a strong bond with any surface, making an antimicrobial shield that provides extended protection for commercial applications.

Available in : 1 gallon containers, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 265.5 gallon totes

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Kills 99.99% of all Bacteria , Fungus & Viruses

Can provide protection against the transfer of infection and re infection for extended periods from: Against most common germs, fungal , odor & virus's and air born contamination. My-shield® Surface Cleaner adopts a three way killing mechanism of bacteria, not relying on a poison kill as our competitors, thus ensuring bacteria will not build a  future resistance to My-shield® Surface Cleaner.

Non-toxic, chlorine free formula

Most surface sanitizers available on the market today: Contain harsh compounds that have been found to be highly toxic  & corrosive and very hazards to human health & the environment.

Quick and Easy to Apply

My-shield® Surface Cleaner comes in  a ready mixed solution with no dilution required.

Small surface areas: Can be sprayed directly onto a surface or item and allowed to dry. Alternatively  wipes or hand-held spray packs can be applied directly onto any surface or item.

Large surface areas: (e.g. building interiors) A hydrostatic sprayer can be used to easily disperse the disinfectant to all surfaces within a room including walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture etc. Drying time with this application is very quick and the procedure is complete within minutes.

Adopts a three-way killing mechanism Reliant on a poison kill
Broad spectrum kill against most germs and viruses Reduced efficacy against some germs and viruses
Extended protection for up to 28 days Limited protection time up to 15 minutes
Non-irritating Severe irritant, corrosive and can cause burns or blindness
Anti-static, and can be applied directly onto electrical appliances Disruptive to electrical equipment
Adheres to any surface Not suitable to apply to many surfaces
Leaves the treated surface odor free Unpleasant odors of bleach and chlorine